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I've been a fanfic writer for 6 years now, I created my very first fanfic when I was in 6th grade. I've written fanfics for TRA: Jonny Quest, ReBoot, and Digimon. I also have a few made-up characters that have been with me for a long time, but I'm a bit nervous to put them into their own stories. Except Ann and Enzoromon, they're already in the Dark Digidestined fanfic that Backslash, Jareth, and I are writing.

I am also known as Raptorix, or 'Rappy' in chat rooms. She's one of my more dominant characters/personas right now. Rappy is a female Technorganic Utahraptor Maximal, from the Beast Machines Universe. (Yes, I actually liked the show. I'm a very new-school TF fan really... just like the Mainframe TFs) And Rappy's oldest form appeared in a BW fanfic which I'm a bit embarrased of now. However, today, she has evolved out of the Transformer universe into my own. She no longer is a transformer, but just a cyborg Raptor now. A cyborg Raptor who can do martial arts! HIIIII-YAAAAAAH!! ;) She's going to be the star of my upcomming fiction story that just has the prologue to it on FictionPress.

I didn't join at first because of the reputation I had preceived from it. I felt that it contained nothing but self-insertion noobs and perverts who didn't have the time or energy to put their fanfics onto their own webspace, or other people putting them up either. I hope that this perception can be changed however, if you guys can show me the better side of this site?

Oh, and as for the rapid fire publishing. I've written these long ago before, just I decided to put 'em up quick before I loose interest with . And from the encouragement from ROM when he read some of my stuff, I think I might try taking down the anonymous reviews until I get a really bad one ;). Plus, some of my work is still quite old, so its not as up-to-date with my current writing skills. My most recent fanfic is 'History Repeats Itself' in case you want to see what I can do. But I did apply some of that 'talent' to fixing up Bandit's Dog Day 2.

Currently, I am developing my own original fiction story, on FictionPress right now. So far, I only got the prologue posted, but I am doing my best to get Chapter 1 completed this summer. I've been sharing the ideas of this story with several friends on AIM, and I am finally getting some progress with it.

That was my *old* profile. Right now, I'm in college, and my writing habits have died down to nearly zero. I draw more than I write, and even then that's sporadic. However, the design of my character Raptorix is always evolving in my head.

I guess that's my problem: I'm a character designer. My ideas come in bits and pieces, and I don't have the patience to try and link them together.

Consider yourself lucky if you ever see me update my story that I have up here. I'm not sure if I'll ever get around to re-writing the first chapter, like I promised I would. (And I swear, this is going to be a complete re-write!).

Maybe someday, like in a script-writing class, or a creative writing class, I'll get the chance to continue on with the Fauna story. Who knows? I appreciate it if you actually read what little I have, and actually liked it, (I doubt many people cared for my story...)

Recent Edit: (As of 12/2/2005)

Hello! Been writing a bit again, but only for my script-writing class. I've revived Fauna and I have now begun telling the Fauna story in script format! Whee! Sure, Fictionpress totally ruins the margins and font that I had it set on... but oh well! I know, it cuts off randomly, but that's because it's in progress. I may however, stop writing it after I finish the first act. Or, if I get enough feedback, I might just finish this lil 'tard of a story and continue rewrites of it. Heck, I may just pitch it to professional studios... The super optimist in me believes that it might just get picked up and put into production, but the pessimist in me knows that hell would rather freeze over first. ^^

Until then, just humor me, read my terrible little storys, and move on if you get bored, I don't mind! I'm quite happy like this.

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