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I've decided upon doing NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month, for those of you who don't know. If you haven't heard of it before, I seriously suggest you go check it out. The web address is .), so don't expect much of anything in November, and probably not more than two pieces in October. I've still got to get my plot in order.
I'll be posting a short story I wrote on the last day of September sometime this weekend, so look for that!
Yay! Fictionpress is working again! I posted four things today, but those were all written in August- I haven't done anything for September so far. My first day of high school was yesterday, it was difficult, and I doubt it's going to get any better. I fear for my free time. I've been around for awhile, posted some stuff, taken it down, and then done it again (a writer's digust in their own work can be positively mind blowing). Anyways, I've made a commitment to start writing again, so expect SOMETHING at least once a month.
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