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Like my name indicates, I'm just someone. Nearly 21 years old, I'm a college student given time to write during the summer, thanks to an unexciting, yet enjoyable job. I got drawn into the Mighty Ducks animated series after making the discovery my cable included Toon Disney...and soon I relaped into memories of yesteryear (not any more, but for a few weeks there). Of course, never satisfied with the shallow musings of Disney writers and after being introduced to fan fiction through this site, I decided to take a chance and add some of my own stories. What has surprised a few people is that I'm not a female, but very much a male. That's right, a college guy writing fan fiction for a cartoon series that he's temporarily reliving during his sporadic, second childhood. Anomalous, isn't it?

Oh, and I made an AIM screen name for this account, just in case. If you'd like to contact me, go for it!

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