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Joined Jun '02
okay no more quotes for now. anyway. I'm a llama and my dame name is Dame Charlie. Feel free to IM me on aol anytime ya want, the little sn is up ^ there also, my journal address is there too. ~points up~

I'm a chick who doesn't mind being called chick or using it for a term, the only chick i know who doesn't care; who, however, hates being called woman and any guy unfortunate enough to call me that will lose a body part vital to pleasing a woman. ANYway, I don't do much, don't know many people on here in person except raiankun or whatever, and don't have much to say so, um ya... bye. ~fyre_girl

OKAY OKAY! I've shortend my bio! since people ..~cough cough raiankun cough cough~... were complaining! is everyone happy now?! geesh!
(I love you guys!)
lots of love

P.S. I still have to thank aisuru motsu for reviewing and all that good stuff so thanks aisuru. love ya and GET BETTER SOON! THATS AN ORDER lol!

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