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I’m a 21-year-old advertising major and now beginning my senior year in college. *shudder* After next spring I’m either gonna be hunting for a job or getting read to go to graduate school… neither of which I really want to think about right now.

I’ve been writing fanfiction for close to three years now. I started in Feburary 2000 with the story Raw is Southpark. After that I wrote numerous South Park fics, my personal favorites being Invasion and The Day Kenny Didn’t Die.

Then one day, I watched Pokemon: The First Movie. After that I got hooked on Pokemon. I started reading Pokemon fanfiction and found great stories. Then, I wrote one of my own.
Since then, I have been working on my writing as much as I can. I first started writing fanfiction for two reasons. 1) Sheer boredom. 2) An attempt to improve my writing so one day I might become a writer.
Two and a half years later, I’m still writing. I have ideas for several fandoms, but I mostly still write Pokemon fics now. I’m a dedicated pokeshipper, rocketshipper, and eldershippy is growing on me. So far, all my fics have been mostly about Ash and Misty. One day I’ll write a story about Brock, don’t worry.

One day I will go back and finish my Invasion saga, at least that’s what I keep saying. I also have several ideas for some other fandoms, but who knows if I’ll ever get to them. Pokemon is keeping me pretty busy. Plus I’m taking a creative writing course so I have do write a good bit for that class. Not to mention senior course work… but that doesn’t count.
My favorite fandoms to read are Pokemon, The Real Adventures of Johny Quest, The Young Wizard Series, and Love Hina. In RAJQ I'm a devout Johny/Jessie shipper, in Love Hina, it's Naru/Keitaro, and in Young Wizards, it's Nita/Kit.

Newest Story: Dark Prophecy (Pokemon)

Current Projects: Right now I have no true “current project.” I have the beginnings of a few stories, but I’m not sure when I’m going to get the time to work on them.

Upcoming Projects: Beauty Battle (formerly Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder) (Pokemon), The Journey – Book 1: Road to the Tournament (Pokemon).
One-Day-Maybe Projects: Crimson Rockets (Pokemon), Invasion: Season Two (South Park), Reflections and Dreams (Pokemon).

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