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Lime and Salt
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Joined Jun '02
I live on coffee- it keeps me alive. Without it I would be an incoherent zombie...maybe I am anyways.
I'm just a girl with a black cat and a cell phone sitting outside of the rest of the world.
I believe what I believe and that's all you need to know.
I am me and that's all you need to know but I'll tell you more.
Location:A padded room in hill billy territory
Favorite book: Dragon Sword and Wind Child...It's out of print but a must read if you can find a copy.

I think that's enough. Now you can make wild guesses about me that are probably miles from the truth. Have fun.
"What you see is only what you see and what you feel covers the rest so tell me why the things I see just don't make me feel like everybody wants to do their best." ~Whisper by Wayne

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