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I'm Camille, pen name cmar. I'm in the running for oldest PR fan in existence. (No, I won't say how old.)
I've been a comic book fan since the age of 12, and a science fiction fan for almost as long.

A Year of Time (Power Rangers Time Force) was my first attempt at writing any kind of fiction, and I was surprised by how much I liked doing it. It's an interpretation of the Time Force series itself, moderately AU.

I've finished a trilogy of sequels (All Time Force): 'The Other Side', 'The Second Time', and 'Time Over'. All of them are complete. These three compose a trilogy but each can stand alone if necessary.

Currently: I've finished that Time Force / Red Dwarf crossover I've been threatening to write. I'll post it after 's upcoming shutdown on 2/14-15.

I'm now writing a new dramatic story for Time Force, 'Sins of the Fathers', which gets into Eric's childhood in depth, keeps Wes and his father busy with their own problems, and explores Jen's... I don't want to give too much away. As you would imagine with anything about Eric's childhood, it's pretty dark in tone.

I like to post a draft version of whatever I'm working on on my website, and some of you might want to read it, but I hope you'll come back to read and review when the final version is posted here, not to mention I almost always make substantial changes.

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