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*last updated - May 30, 2003*

Hello all!

I'm a 15 year old author who's been on FanFiction.Net for almost 10 months now, and I'm sure you all know about the transition of original works from FanFiction.Net to this current .

Under this account, I only do poetry. Most of the time it will be either hopeless love poems or suicidal or just any dark poems. I don't plan on starting a chaptered fiction soon because first of all, I'm lacking in ideas. Second of all, I want to wait til the school year ends, so I have enough time to think over all the chapters and make it good instead of rushed.

My FanFiction.Net account is here
I only write Final Fantasy VIII/X/X-2 fics, so if you're interested you could check that out.

My poems aren't exactly that good because I've just started poetry this year. But if you will, please leave a review. I'll accept any reviews or constructive criticism, but please, no flames. If you randomly flame me just for the fun of it, I will either delete the review or block your access from reviewing my poems.

That is all. Peace!!!^_^

- Lost Teardrops

p.s. if you'd like to contact me, do not email to the address above, email it to yunie_lt@. I have MSN Messenger so if you want to, feel free to add me using that address.

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