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My name is Katherine, I live in the mid west. CHI-TOWN PRIDE!!!!!

HOBBIES: reading cheezy romances, fan fic, also, im an old movie buff!! And I play Water polo and dance nad do platies and yoga! Really buff *falls over laughing*
no relly, its true

FAV MUSIC: strickly punk. NOFX, MXPX, local bands, some cape cod bands, punk in genral.

FAV. MOVIES IN ORDER: Gone with the Wind, Casablanca, Breckfast at Tiffneys, West Side Story, Sabrina, My Fair Lady, Picture Perfact, Gigi, 10 things I hate about you, nad the Harry potter movies.

FAV. HOT GUYS: guys in bands. or guys who arnt preppy

ASPERATIONS: im gonna b a gutairist and lead singer in a band, hopefully.

That is me for you. READ AND REVIEW MY FICCIES PLEZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Project:impossable. THis is my favorite story ever!!! i love to update it, but schools a bitch! I have tree active fics. now so its hard. its almost done!

Just another day- put on extened hold. dont expect amny updates

All The things I never knew- put on hold till I feel like writing depressing stuff! cronically unfinished.

10 Things I Hate About You- Hogworts style- DONE!!!

Draco nad Hermione: this story is grade a shit. even i dont belive draco could eva be gay, (sorry slash lovers) im gonna do a story like this agin, but based off Dharma and Greg... if i can only find the script.

Hogworts Pie: Goen good. shool makes it kinda hard to update.I wanna do a sequle.

My Fair WItch- havent updated recently coz i had to many stories going at one time and it was confusing me. when i fin. another one, i'll start this one up again.

Future Projects- I wanna do a saving silverman type story, but i cant find a script. also i went to this great site that had really good un produced plays and movies, and i might "Harry Potter-fye them

dramas are getten boring to write! Rock on comedy!

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