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queer and strange. lame and deranged. different meanings and different words. many used to describe me? mixed emotions and a cloud of thoughts. several realities. a smile and a laugh. quiet at enclosed areas wherein breaking free has no definition.loud at the rising feeling of known outbursts with the compadres. confusion and simplicity. poetic and wacky. sixteen years young held together by my Lord and one true Savior. athletic when the moment is right. active in the dimmest light. sleeping and dreaming. looking and seeing. a mere blast of jocund tranquility. mother nature, love for freshness and delight. the skies, the seas, the summer breeze. digital world surrounds her aura. technology paints my sky. walking and running. flying and soaring. traveling across the world. the simplest places to the grand. my room. the parking lot. the street. school. my beloved church. california. san francisco. seeking and exploring. expressions shining though her spirit. seen as an elf in disguise. appearances can be at first misleading. more than my height. filipina at its pure. upfront and demure. pages uplifted and read between the lines. authors and stories. fiction and rhymes. moving towards the other scale. my magical world of fairytales. holding on to friendship bands and hearing melodies of musical trance. another chapter written and done. who am i? my journey's begun. i've been on fictionpress before there even was ficpress. back when it was still with . i've been known with the many pen names such as Gazing Dreams and Terra Wings. i used to write a lot, but then i retired once highschool drifted my way and i found other means of spending my time. html, blogging, art, music. hopefully, i'd get back to writing once again. probably post my old poems as well. back to reclaim my memoria. i update my site more often. Parachute Love.
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