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Hey everyone... umm i have no idea what to write like about myself though i hope your enjoying my stories!!!

Age: 14

Sex: female

Eyes: brown/green

Hair: red/blonde/brown and its natural so dont have a go at me about being a dyed freak okay!!! haha sorry.. i get payed out coz of my hair being so many different colours!!

Hobbies: hanging out with my friends, ice-skating, skating, listening to music, causing hell at my school, reading and of corse writing.

Fave books: HARRY POTTER, the Cirle of magic series, the little mermaid the Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz

Fave Band: LINKIN PARK ROCKS!!!!!!

Fave amines: Gundam Wing, Sailor Moon, Cardcaptors, Dragonball Z, Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040, Cowboy bebop.

Best prank: last yr when i was in yr 8, two of my best friends and i locked all the teachers in the deputy princpal's office and attacked them with pink and purple paint. another one wasn't too orignal but we directed traffic though our school and the last one we got suspended for was blowing up the girls bathroom.

okay guys i have a big favor to ask... please when you read my stories please review because i want to be an author when i'm older so i need some something that i can't remember to help me get better... so please give me all you got when you review and if i suck then tell me... so i can fix the problem but you have to promise to write the REASON why you didn't like it!!! please guys help me out here!! thanks heaps!!!

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