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I like pie, tacos or something, and that chic who's turning 12. I no good names. Gomen!
Like to say that I also like Music(to an extream)And Anime and Stuff along those lines.
Love reading to a fault, If you can call reading a fault. Problem is I read all the time. including in class. Though I somehow manage to get really good test scores???
I've written small amount of Fan fictions, and soon will be posting an original called Son Of Dread. Just when me and my friend get on a suger high, we write. It's a very odd Story, if you like thing's, then don't read it. We Diss everything, even if we like it.
Well, thats about it. Not a very interesting person. I spend most of my time in a dark cramped room writing or reading or playing my guitar, Or listening to music.
I also Like FF games and stuff like that, Currently on a project where me and friend make own game...It good...
i'm a girl, 14 like stuff...STUFF.
AardZg, is a smelly head, and is annoying! i'm not in pms...well, not right now.
P.S PIZZA!!!!!
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