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Hey this is Kaze Holimion. I am a new writer, well a little old but nothing up yet, here at Fanfiction and I wanted to let you know what I was all about so here you go.

Hobby: reading and writing.

Things I do when I'm bored:
watch t.v
or chill with my friends
system of a down
linkin park
rob zombie
and any punk rock

zoids ( all series )
ray earth
Ruroni Kenshin
Yu Yu Hakusho

butt wacthing and grabbing

anything that will not get me sick

american show:
the simpsons
Family guy

my dogs buddy, hershey and izzy

favorite authors:
Some authors on fanfiction. I just started with fictionpress
Terry Goodkind
Robert Jordan
Michael A. Stackpole

Well here is some more info about me

Name: Kaze Holimion or Kaseijin Hoshikuro

Real name: Not telling

Live: In your mind. Can you find me?

Come from: Didn't you take sex ed?

Age: 15

Height: 6'2 and some cenimeters

Hair: Dirty blonde

Eyes: Change from the colors blue grey and green with a yellow ring on the outside. No joke. Prety cool though. That is how i usually hook the women.

I amvery strong but still thin. But not exactly a stick either. I love just chillin with my friends and playing video games. Give me any game except racing and i can beat it. Right now i am working on Final Fantasy Tactics and Budokai 3. .Another thing I like to do is to ride horses. No I am not gay horses are just really cool. There are only a few things I hate. My school and flamers sent in by readers that have never written a story. Maybe if you would try to write one you can see how hard it is. And then i will flame you taking away all the pride you have from writing the story. The last thing I hate is when disks have errors. I would have had a story up a while ago but my freaking disk broke. And my laptop died

Well enough about me. Here is a little about the story I am going to right. Now you cannot take my ideas because this is published. Well sorta. The title is Saviors Awakening. I have been planning it strategically for a while so I promise good stuff. It is about basically a war. A celestial, a healer and a demon start on a trip for revenge justice and discovering the past. Many more people join there cause on there way. Such as a ninja, elf and many others. Some of the bad guys are my fav characters. They are pretty cool, but still really powerful and ruthless. Magic, Love, Action/adventure and even humor are installed in this story. It ends with a big bang. But for fair warning there will be at least one sequel.Hope you all like. But if you are reading this chances are you are already reading part of the story. Well I guess this would be a little preview.

Well i like to end with a little humor so here are some funny sayings and quotes of mine and others.

You know you are having a bad day when you put you bra on backwards and it fits better.

Do not mettle in the affairs of dragons. For you are crunchy and taste good with Ketchup.

Skunks do not make good squirt guns.

Stealing a rhino should not be attempted lightly.

Do not pet a burning dog.

Revenge is best dealt by the hands of evil. And I am the Devil.

When I die I want you to bury me face first in my coffin so the reat of the world can kiss my ass.

No one is a virgin...life screws us all.

Now for a cool one:
Yea i walk through the valley of Death , I shal fear no evil. For I am the meanest mother fucker in the valley
Pardon my french

well that is all i can think about for now so...catch you all on the flip side

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