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Notes on House of Kif

Yes this is fantasy. My kind of fantasy. The following things will not have a place in this narrative: elves, vampires, werewolves, angels, demons, 'evil' as an ethnic category, farm boys, farm girls, dark towers, light towers,perfect monarchs,dark lords, or blondes.

These are the members of Sri’s household at the beginning of this story: Grandma (Sri’s father’s mother), Ghith (Sri’s great uncle), Sef (Sri’s father’s brother) and his wife Srija and their 13-year-old son Tesith, Tejir (Sri’s mother’s younger half-sister), and Afeth (Sri’s brother) and his wife Per (a Noor).

In response to dessertfirst – RRRR! I have never read that author. And here I was trying to be original with the names! I even set up my own languages – not much developed past phonemes and phonological constraints, but still, you would think it would be enough to stop me from duplicating someone else's stuff! RRRRRRRRR! Sorry, everyone. If it’s really distracting, let me know, and at least I can change “Ki” to something else. Skhala will forever be Skhala, however.

I promise Jaf and Ghia are coming back eventually.

Index of names in House of Kif

Index of names.

Skhala, a city on the river Raphe

Etlere, chief ruler of Skhala

Ki, a god

Rupek, an apostle of Ki

Pha Ghifriu, a lord of the city who employed Kif Afeth

Kif Sleredha, Sri’s grandmother

Kif Ghith, Sleredha’s brother-in-law

Kif Sef, Sleredha’s second son

Kif Srija, Sef’s wife

Kif Fria, Sleredha’s first son, deceased

Kif Phele, Fria’s wife, also deceased

Khiri and Thera, the first- and second-born of Fria and Phele, daughters who married and left home but still write and visit

Kif Afeth, third-born, heir of Fria

Kif Per, Afeth’s wife, a Noor

Kif Aphele, fourth-born, son who left home and does not write

Kif Sri, also known as Byeske, youngest child of Fria and Phele

Lore Tejir, Phele’s much younger half-sister

Yevernoshk Ghia, a friend of Sri

Theritshe Jaf, an enemy-friend of Sri, older brother of Ephik

Idet Pruti, Tekat neighbor of the Kifs, wife of Jata

Elkhei Ju, an artist

Ghraj, a Tekat woman of Shkala

Ovtkye, an Ishkandi soldier, and his subordinate Hatshva

Tribes of Skhala:

Ishkandi, the indigent culture

Tekat, distant cousins of Ishkandi

Shosha, a nomadic people also distantly related to Ishkandi

Noor, an unrelated but partially assimilated people from the far east

Theanasth, a people from the southeast

Hurem, a people of indeterminate ancestry

Tekats tend to intermarry with other tribes, especially Noor and Ishkandi, more often than any other group, but intermarriage in general is not widespread and each tribe remains ethnically separate, if not racially.

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