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After creating that note on this profile page, I'm finally updating work to this account. Stay tuned.


New Beginnings?

Wow. I haven't been on this account in forever. It seems like just yesterday I was updating it with all of those old poems and getting excited over the reviews.
And, surprise! Those poems are gone. I deleted them today, in fact.
If anyone still even remembers this account, they might be shocked. "But why?! I liked the stuff here! I gave you reviews! Didn't you at least read through them before you so cruelly got rid of them?"
One question at a time, bub. Heh.
I deleted the work on this account because it wasn't worth being posted for everyone to read. That stuff was written around the time I first began to write, and some of the stuff even dates back to before this account was made. I've been writing for seven years. I've stumbled, I've fallen. But, I've changed as a writer. I don't want to have to bring up my old writing to see how I've changed; I know just from glancing at it before deleting it.
Which, answers the other question. I read some of the stuff. And while that was probably the only record of my older writing, that's okay with me. It was a draft. Now I must move on to a new draft.
So, why did I just decide to go on here and use this account when I already have another account, and could just update my work there like I have been?
Simple. I like this account. I've had it since 2002. And, while it may go under some face lifts, it's still an account.
Now. Onto the main purpose. I've decided to use this account to post collaborative writing and NaNoWriMo/Screnzy. For example. A story that I'm working on right now with another writer? That would go here. Any poems I write with another writer? That shall go here too. That way, if for some reason I do need to give them the password to post things, I can without having to worry about them moving commas or periods around. We all know how meticulous I am about the comma.
In the end, I'm not sorry for deleting my work off of here. My main Fictionpress account is Anticlimatic Climax. I've got some stuff written there. But, for now I must go. Hope to have something new up soon!


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