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. hope you always look up to see sky

identity: you tell me, & then we'll both know.
addiction: da dum. i know, i know; i can overdo it sometimes...
heart&-: i love writing & that's why i'm here. end of story.
-soul: my poetry account, run by my alter-ego, who thinks she is far smarter than i am. take heed - she's not entirely insane.
thank you to: jen, ashley, & nafeesah.

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May 9, 2o12: i have received a dubious PM that has led me to conclude that my work is no longer safe on FP & have decided to take everything down. i am sorry to have to do this, but i can't stand by & wait for someone to attack me anymore :( thank you so, so much to those of you who have read my work. i owe a lot to FP, & i will forever be grateful to you all who support me & made my time here so wonderful.

January 6, 2o11: i found out back in November that i was plagiarized three times, once for Dark Hunter & twice for Protector. my poetry was also taken, on five occasions that i could find. after a couple of months' consideration, i have decided not to take down my fiction. it's not fair to you all. but i am still very angry & hurt over what happened, & i hope i don't find any further instances of it. i shall remove my work if that happens. so if you ever think you see something that is mine, please, please let me know. i am so, so grateful that i'm now on TWA, where this kind of thing can be avoided. le sigh.

December 12, 2o1o: Dark Hunter was inducted into Project Fiction! It's a wonderful site with some really amazing work on its "Good Fiction" list--you should definitely check it out.

June 6, 2o1o: Dark Hunter won runner-up at La Campanella for Le Conclusion Meillure!
. omg, you guys are too much. i don't know what to say anymore. thank you, thank you, thank you. -heartheart-

March 15, 2o1o: Dark Hunter won at SKoW for Best Tragedy!
. ZOMG, i did not expect this. thank you so much, everyone who voted for me! you guys are love :) now excuse me while i happydance on my bed.

fics: (all complete)

protector: i'm terribly embarrassed by this, but it's got a special place in my heart. this won Readers for best Romance/Drama of 2004.
protector II
: it starts horribly, but it does improve. hopefully it shows some of the progress i made as a writer! :)
dark hunter
: if you read this, that means - everything. no comment on the beginning, but my style really comes out towards the end & the last chapter is my favourite, um, 'thing' (fear my vocab, rawr) i have up. just sayin' ;) this won Best Tragedy at SKoW & runner-up for Best Ending at La Campanella.
beyond redemption: one-shot! short, too - 3,000 words. yay!
slow spinning redemption
: this is senseless babble. don't read it.

collab account: i'm working with - ohmygasp - angels and effects. squeal!

i can't believe people have read my work for so long - & put me on their fav lists (o_O!) - but thank you. & thank you all so, so much for the incredible support you've given me over the years. if you ever want to contact me, feel free to do so :)

love to you all!


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