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I'm really sleepy now... So what d'you wanna know?
I'm 13, I'm from Selangor, Malaysia, I look like... Erm that, you gotta ask tensaispira...
I'm taking a break from reading and reviewing fics for the mo'... Only will come online during holidays and weekends this year...
But seriously, now, I'm really disappointed with the state of things in . It isn't like when I first started reading anymore. Almost everything's a competition for the most reviews. And people like the 'famous' flamer 'onehellofabitch' and the self-reviewing writer 'Karen' put writers to shame.

Oh don't worry, this is sLL alright.. Not some cranky sour plum who hacked into the account.. This's just my cranky, negative side. Please ignore if you wanna keep your possible opinion of me as a positive, supportive reviewer. School's getting to me and I'm not a kid anymore. The grass isn't green forever. Sad, but true.

On a more positive note, I'd like to thank for simply existing. Fanfiction.net was my sanctuary, a place to drown my guilt by doing other people good, and helping wherever I could. Also, I met some writers who're really great people... I hope to meet them all someday. You guys know who you are.

And also, somehow, just by reading and reviewing a lot over the holidays, my English took a drastic upward turn and I've become a better speaker even in real life conversations. I don't run out of words anymore when narrating stories or incidents. :) And lastly, I've learnt to take life as it comes, and value it. Never feel ashamed of yourself and respect yourself for who you are. Nobody's ugly as long as they have a good heart.

Enjoy yourselves and I hope will improve in time to come, hope I'll return actively to the ff community someday... For now, I'll be like a sleeping dragon, or more appropriately, sleeping snake(I was born in the year of the snake) :)


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