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Formerly known as Squall Morpheus Leonhart. That was my longest name to date and basically I finally got bored of it. Now I am Lucifer Hisaki.

For Those who read Scream, Twilight, and Crimson Roses, please note that I have them removed by the Administration of Shakes fists at them If you want to read them, please go to my site as they are there with no problems.

All new works will be first chapter only unless I see that there is at least ten reviews just so I know that people are interested. Which they probably never review because they don't like it... TTT_TTT

Anyway, I love Yaoi most of all but I do like the occasional Het.

I sign almost everything as S/L meaning Squall/Lucifer. Get it? winks

Right now, I have a huge writer's block on all of my current coughdeadcough works. At the moment, I'm working on trying to get my Harry Potter fic that I'm writing organized which is pretty much impossible. I'm thinking of using that fic as my NaNoWriMo entry. So with that said... I saw nothing in the rules about PRE-WRITING!

I have appeared at Anime EXPO at Anaheim, CA this year during 4th of July weekend. For the last three days, I was the one wearing the blue open kimono that reached to my knees jacket and had a black rolling luggage with me. On the first day, I was in a entirely green-grey ensemble and khaki Jansport backpack. I also won at the Anime Singled Out, third contestent. During the panel, when the guy said something about "Bokuno wa," I was the one to yell out "MY SEXUAL HARASSMENT!" On my badge I had "S/L - Squall Morpheus Leonhart." So if you saw me... please drop me a line at my Expo recall entry in my LJ which is under my homepage address.

Oh and I have a Tenipuri fic... it's LJ only. Sorry but you can see it on my LJ.

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