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Dog Face
Joined Jul '02
Okay. I'm in my late teens, female, and I'm going to be a ROCK'N ROLL STAR!!!!!! I wish. No, that probably won't happen. I'm going to try to major in art at VCU, but I kind of want to be a kindergarten teacher. I used to be into Hard Core Punk, I had the mo-hawk and that whole deal, and then I started doing drugs, and now I've completely changed. I also realized that by me dressing like a bad-ass, no one was going to take me seriously. SO now I only dress like a semi bad ass.

I like Fat guys
I like Comic Books.
I still like fat guys.

Favorite bands: Patti Smith, Hendrix, Pixies, L7, Roots, Jurassic 5, TOADIES!! At the drive in, Rage against the machine, Coal Chamber, Under Oathe, Snake River Conspiracy, Trail Of the Dead...presidents of the united states.

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