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*UPDATED 03.14.13*
Changelings (heretofore known as TCS) is undergoing a HUGE revision right now. Characters are being revamped and the plot is pretty much getting an overhaul and everything is being fleshed out. It's taking me some time, but it's worth it. The first story will be Dantes and Mera (previously known as Miranda) as it was in the beginning. Quite a lot is happening this year so bear with me for now. Thank you for your patience. Visit the link above for further information.

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The Changelings of Syre:
In the kingdom of Syre, the legends of Changelings have invoked fear in the hearts the people, teaching mothers to warn their children to never stray from the eyes of adults, and for fathers to guard their young daughters. But what are the Changelings? Are they really as fearsome as the legends portray them to be? In this series of short stories, you'll meet some of the Changelings who live amongst the people as princes, knights, hunters, and rogues, as well as the women they choose as their mates.
(Currently in revision.)

Cinderella Boy:
What if Cinderella wasn't exactly, well, Cinderella? What if the Prince wasn't exactly a prince? Ten years ago, Evie Peters watched Jack Jimenes drive away with his family. After a decade, someone claiming to be him is back, and Evie's not sure what do about it. Add into the mix two best friends who place too many bets, a mother set on becoming a grandmother soon, an ex-boyfriend begging for a second chance and a Hollywood princess hellbent on walking away with the glass slipper. Stir together with a bit of pandemonium, and simmer.
If you thought this was your average fairytale retelling, you're dead wrong.
(Rated T for adult themes, some language and may evolve to M if I feel like it)

Earth Angel Orion:
Young Cain has lived his entire life as a dancer with the nomadic gypsies, always aware that he is different from them, both physically and emotionally. With is fair hair and light eyes, he quietly observes their resentful glances and silent accusations. He has come to accept that as his life...until one strange discovery changes everything. After finding a young man hidden underground, whose appearance is just as strange as his own, he begins to question his place in the world. Soon, the two of them will embark on a journey, unveiling secrets long buried, and bringing about a cataclysm unlike any the world has every known.
(Rated M for mature themes, sometime explicit content, and MxM slash pairings)
(CURRENTLY ON-HIATUS--outline is being reworked. My Apologies!!)


If any of my readers are aware, or become aware of an act of plagiarism including (but not limited to) my characters, settings, plot, themes, and/or format, please please PLEASE contact FictionPress, and me, immediately. Thank you.

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