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Chibi Ryuichi
Joined Jul '02
I'm an 18 year old female fan of Yaoi! I am not homosexual, I'm just obsessed with Yaoi! Besides, I have gay friends and their the most kindest people I've ever met in my life and if you think I should rot in hell for accepting homosexuality then all I have to say is "Save me a seat" because your going to go first for your narrow-minded thoughts! Kisamas! With that said, please read my stories ^_^

To grow is to expand
To expand is to dream
To dream is to wonder
To wonder is to evolve

A little something about me

Likes: Everything yaoi, anime, j-rock, shopping, video games, etc..

Dislikes: meat, cuz I'm a vegan, anything that kills animals, anything that portrays gays/bis negatively. (considering I'm bisexual myself. ^^)

So, hey, if you have a slash story and its good, let me know! :

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