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I love Gilmore Girls. I'm just a Java Junkie at heart. The only thing keeping Luke from winning the title of Perfect Man is the fact that he is :sniffle: not real.

Born and raised in Miami, FL, so if it drops below 70 I whine and complain and come close to freezing.

I mostly watch documentary shows...can't get enough of that Discovery Channel! (I thoroughly admit to being a geek.) Among other favorites: MST3K, Scrubs, Star Trek:TNG, The Simpsons, and various others that I watch because there isn't anything better on. I also really loved Gargoyles when it was on. Trading Spaces is almost an addiction- as long as Hildi doesn't come NEAR my house. My favorites to watch for the purpose of mocking: Birds of Prey (cancelled! whimper!), Enterprise.

Recycle your aluminum cans, glass, and paper. It's fun!

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