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I decided to finish stories before I update them now, so I'm going to give you the heads up on the "in-progress" and older, completed stories I've already posted.

A Tale of Princes, Mages, and Traditions- Um . . . Well, it's already finished, and those that reviewed seemed to like it all right, so I think I'm going to just leave it as is. If anyone thinks I should rewrite with more detail (and more . . . well . . . experience, I guess, b/c I wrote this in like seventh grade) let me know and I will definitely work on it for you.

Invincible- Eh . . . I don't really like this story that much, to be perfectly honest. I can do much better. But . . . See above story's comments.

The True Story of Cinda Rella (AKA Cinderella)- This story I absolutely adore writing (and even reading, if I may say so). I pulled it to a halt, b/c I decided to write a series of True Stories. They will all be intertwined, and each girl will write one of the other girls' stories. There are eight of them (Snow White and the seven . . . other girls, lol), so they will sort of be paired off, like I have these two (Cinda Rella and Snow White). However, I decided to start with The True Story of Little Red Riding Hood, from Gretal's point of view. And, much like Gretal, I am pulling a blank. If you have any comments or suggestions, please let me know.

The True Story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves- See above. However, I will be rewriting this story, mostly adding more detail and making it longer (thanks to that suggestion which, by the way, encouraged the next story, Cinda Rella).

Thanks guys - and girls. : )

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