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ON BRIEF HIATUS. Apologies to everybody, but I need to take a break to get myself organized in just about EVERYTHING (fanfic related and not). I will make it up to you all by coming back with a vengeance starting on Valentine's Day. All stories will resume and TWO new stories will go up that weekend. What are they? One, you've seen the preview for, but the next one's news to you, so take a look below. Don't miss me too much. I'll be back on February 14th. ^_^

CCS Timeline:

-The Book of the 2nd Cards
-If Only You Knew
-Curse Of The Pyramid
-Searching For The Past (Coming in December)
-CCS: The American Cards
-Seeking A Lost Love
(Note: "A Look Back At Days Gone By" begins)
-What Does The Future Hold?
-Plucking A Cherry Blossom
-Matchmaker Sakura
-Making A Choice
-Hunt For The Crystals
-Want You Bad
(Note: "A Look Back At Days Gone By" ends)
-Keeping Secrets
-Sick Day
-Who Is That Masked Cherry Blossom?
-Origins Of A Sorcerer

Digimon Timeline:

-His Is A Wonderful Life
-The Halloween Party
-A Guide To Self-Confidence
-Mouse Hunters
-Break A Leg
-Davis Claus and The Reluctant Elf
-The Fashion Show
-I Scream
-Three's Always A Crowd
-The Rock Show
-First Date
-Valentine's Davis
-Jealousy Equals Rage
-Taking A New Host
-Double Play
-Keeping Secrets
-Digimon: The College Years

Upcoming Projects:

-Digimon: The College Years (Digimon 02/Tamers Crossover (AU, obviously)): Finally, our younger Digidestined reach college! But what'll it be like living in the same building with another group of new kids? Can Davis, TK, and Ken get along with these new kids named Takato and Henry? What happens when Kari meets two new girls named Rika and Jeri? Is there a piece of Gatomon's past that comes back to haunt her? And who else do they all meet? (Hint: There's even a surprise that threatens to tear apart a future Kenyako relationship!) And how will the DIGIMON, themselves, adjust to this whole new world? College life takes a new twist when Veemon, Patamon, Guilmon, Terriermon, and all the rest try to adjust to life in the dorms and beyond! (IT'S FINALLY UP!)

-Origins Of A Sorcerer (CCS): With Li's mother still falling ill, the Li clan go to an unconventional source for help. They appeal to one Eriol Eli Moon. While in Hong Kong, Eriol meets up with Meilin and they begin talking about the sorcerer's first days in Reedington...and reminiscing about events from the third season of CCS. (UP NOW!)

-Searching For The Past (CCS/Yu-Gi-Oh Crossover): A lot of time has passed and Yami is no closer to uncovering his past or his memories. Yugi soon hears about an archaeologist in Reedington and heads over there with his friends in hopes of finding what Yami seeks. There he meets Sakura Avalon and her friends, but things go downhill quickly when Yami Bakura, still seeking Yugi's Millennium Puzzle, arrives in Reedington and begins stealing souls, including Sakura's! What happens when Sakura wakes up in a strange place known as the Realm of the Cards? And will Yami have to fight for the souls of his friends in another Shadow Game? (Coming Valentine's Day!)

-Running Kaibacorp (Yu-Gi-Oh): After the events of Tiebreaker, Yugi is now part-owner of Kaibacorp. Naturally, Yugi and all of his friends are all curious about what Kaiba's company is capable of. But the New Big Five want to keep Kaibacorp's reputation untarnished and they're willing to do whatever it takes to do so. Even if it means taking Yugi out for good. (Coming late February)

NOTE: I'd like to inform you all that something interesting has come up. I've been contacted by a close friend who helped get me started on my authoring. Kokiri7656 once wrote under the "Zelda" section but found the pressures of college and life to be too overwhelming and unfortunately had to end an amazing tenure here at . But that's where I step in. I was asked to finish up an unfinished Zelda story arc. If you'd like to read Kokiri7656's profile, it's still up. And then get ready! Because I've been asked to write an ending to the arc! The tentative date is New Years Day! Hope I can live up to great expectations!

That's a lot, ain't it? I hope I have enough time for it, but we'll see. College life isn't enough to stop me from doing what I love to do!

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