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It's times like these... so many ways to end that sentence. my favourite way at the moment is "it's times like these at which Mr Larson's humour seems funny"
I'm sorry i havent written anything in so long. I realised today that not only have I been neglecting writing, but I have also been neglecting reading. So, instead of writing, I am going to dedicate that time to reading some of the brilliant stories posted here.

It's been so long that the recently updated stories page is unfamiliar and i feel as though i am an intruder, trespassing on what other people love and live for. i used to be one of those people... and I'd like to get back into the swing of things.

basic facts that you don't really need to know: My name is rosie. I was born in 1988, in England. I live in Sydney now. I have brilliant blue green eyes. I am against the war in Iraq. I am addicted to chocolate. I love being in the country. I also love rivers. I also love the australian bush. oh, and the beach too. my best friend is "spot the pixie dog" (she asked to be called that). I have coeliac disease. I love to play soccer. say no more, say no more.

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