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HEY MISTA NICE GUY! I doubt you are going to see this, since you obviously didn't appreciate my work, so logically you wouldn't be visiting my author's page. However since your review was anonymous, you leave me with no choice. I am not angry about your review, in fact I am glad you reviewed me, it made me laugh. Ok, you want plot...hmm...*taps head* that could be why i said there was a sequel in the summary...*gasps* OH MY GOD! Who woulda thunk it? Now who sucks, me your humble servant Tink, or you who reads something without paying attention and writes a halfass review.

For all of thoses who are wondering, no i do not respond to all negative reviews this way. Especially if they actually have an opinion to them, or some sort of real criticism to them. This just got my panties in a bunch because it was pointless and could have been avoided very easily, so i felt the burning desire, wait...scrap that, NEED to respond. Unfortunately the review was anonymous, so i figured i would put my response here and entertain all who happen to stray this way.

no one is gonna read this crap so i'm not even gonna bother. *dodges various assorted flying vegitables from irate fans* I have fans! YAY oh wait sorry, i don't have fans, i'm just halucinating. oh well. lots of love to all who review.

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