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Jumping Peanut
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Well well well. Where to start? Ok I really like writing. I've found short funny stories and scripts are best for me. But I'd really love to be able to write long winding novels like my friend, Psycho-Kitty-Purra.

Ok right back on track. I love punk, rock and ska music mostly. Other random songs are nice... My favorite bands are Bouncing Souls, Distorted Penguins, Eve 6 and 311.

Ok enough about music, now actors! I wanna be a director and write the scripts (if i can). I love Matt Damon(extra points for cuteness), George Clooney, Martin Sheen, Brad Pitt (extra points for hotness), Julia Roberts, Edward Norton (extra points for hottness) Sandra Bullock, Lisa Kudro, and Matthew Perry (thank you maya!). Yeah that's about it.

My favorite movies are The Italian Job, Snatch, Dogma, and my all time favorite is Fight CLub. There is a theme here.. neh?

Shows I like are Simpsons, Law and Order, Spongebob, CSI, CSI:Miami, Law and Order, Law and Order: CI, Friends, Fairly Odd Parents, and I used to love Rocko's Modern Life. *plots revenge on the fools who canceled Rocko* I think that's enough about tv and movies too.

Books now books.. Hahaha you thought I'd shut up didn't you? I LOVE Chuck Palanuik's works. He's fantastic. He wrote the book the movie Fight CLub is based on. Go read his books now!

Ok well that's it. Viola you know me.
Well as much as I want to say right now.

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