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I have not been here for a while and I am sorry for that, life has gotten rather hectic! I do not intend to update AAR strikes back or I don't believe in vampires so I deleted them to stop further confusion. I am however back with a new story of my own (Slave Sorcery) that I am extreemly proud of and cannot wait to finnsih, I might even send it in for publishing one day? lol . Also, one I am writing with my fiance (Erader) I urge you to try them both out, as they are both very exciting.

Remember, I post my stories on here for feedback, and as you've noticed in the past if I don't get feedback I delete the story (as I have done with several of my stories in the past) because I no longer see the point of keeping it up. So please try to take the time to review what you read, even if it's a small review, every one counts. Thank you!

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