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06/26/06: Fine, I haven't written much during the past few weeks thanks to my depression. But I'm about to write something new fitting my mood. Prepare for "My darkest hour".

10/30/05: Big fucking surprise, my computer crashed again.
And in contrast to last time, my story is gone. 101 pages in font size
8 are gone (and that's just the longer story, after all it's not the
only one I am writing on!). The last version I got to save was...I
don't know...maybe 10 pages shorter (make that 5 for the other one). I
doubt I can re-write the whole thing exactly the way it was, but before
I can try it at all, I'll have to get my PC (=half of my life) back in

07/21/05: Today I might find out if my story is
saved...I had it on my new computer and before I even got a chance to
save the updated version, the hard drive was fucked...so pray they
could save that thing, because if not, I'll have a serious problem...

I found a solution to one of my problems. I keep getting ideas and I
don't know where to put them. So short stories are the plan now, and
the plus is that I can get them up sooner than my novel.

12/17/04: I
think I'm getting somewhere by now. Plus, I started "polishing" my
earlier stories -taking out spelling mistakes, wrong words, grammar
mistakes or simply stupid sentences :) BUT I had to discover that I've
lost my list of people who were on my update list. So just in
case anyone reads this at all right now and wants to know when that
lazy bitch finally gets her story up, send me mail so I can put you
back on :)

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