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cracks knuckles* Okay, people! I got tired of my old profile, so I decided it was time for a lil update from the lil Lalita. ^_^

First of all, I'm bored. Reeeeaaaly bored. This is not just your average, everday bored. *shakes head* No, this is " I'M GONNA GO F*ING INSANE!!!" bored.

That said, I feel a lil better. Now, onto myself- my absolute FAVORITE topic. ^_^ he he... Just kidding. I'm not THAT conceited... really. lol

I'm 15. Wow! 1-5. One and five. Add those together and you'll get my maturity level. *rolls eyes*

Yeah... I live in the middle of nowhere, Colorado. Seriously. Dude. It's 70 miles or so to the nearest McDonalds french fry. This means you all should pity my misfortune. -_- *sobs*

As for my writing... *scratches head* Well, I'm a pretty weird person, and it more or likely shows in the stuff my confused brain loves to write. *nods* Pretty much, I write depressive and dark fics- hence some R ratings- but there are times when I get an overly happy and hyper feeling and will write something happy and nice with fluffy clouds and pink bunnies. ^_^ But seriously, writing is my life. I love it and I want to be a proffessional someday. So any suggestions are welcome, and if you want to all out hate and critisize me, go ahead.

I'm also really, really happy right now because I'm a PUBLISHED poet. 4 times over. ^_^

My nickname is Alkab.

Yeah... *yawns* I like music- especially rock and rap-and anime, food, shopping, and stuff like that. And I have llamas. I love my llama...

I guess by now you've figured out I'm wierd. And I don't have a life. *wails* Actually, that's not true, seeing as I am here typing this, thus, I must be alive, but my life is so boring I don't consider it to be an actual life, and this was an absurdly long sentance that I'm going to end now.

Just one hint- normally, if you review my stuff, I'll end up reviewing yours. So if anyone's a review slut like me, yay!

And now I'd just like to thank anyone and everyone who's reviewed me ever. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! (And a quick special thanks to Saxifrage, who is a wonderful reviewer and is always insightful and encouraging.)

Oh, and if you want to check out some of my fanfictions, just go to


Yes. That's all I can think of to say. So long.

~Lil Lalita~

P.S. Go read Omzack's stuff. He's awesome. (But don't tell him that...)

P.S.S. A NOTE ON "CRAZY": Thank you to everyone who reviewed! I found your reviews very encouraging and uplifting. I wrote "Crazy" last year and yes, the story is true. Most of it. I'm a drama queen. ^^ But since then, I've figured out a lot of things and my life is pretty good. A part of me would like to take off "Crazy" since I've gotten over it, but it serves as a good reminder of what my life used to be like and keeps me going when I feel like giving up. So right now I'd like to say to people- YOU have the power to change your own life. If something's not going the right way, fix it. Don't sit back and let things happen to you. And if you know someone going through a rough time- even if it's just a random poem you click on- let them know what you think and that you care. NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF A REVIEW.

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