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My name is Rachel, I'm fifteen years old and live in New York... but not New York City so don't ask me what it's like living in Manhatten! ;) I love reading, I'm a fan of music but highly uneducated in it, I wish I could act but can't even read aloud without mumbling, and have an obsession with the show American Idol.

I love to write but don't do it as often as I should... I'm blocked more often than not and have fallen into the very evil, yet insanely fun and addictive hobby of writing fan fiction, which makes it hard to get very many original ideas, as most pop into my head as fanfic. However, I dream of writing (and hopefully publishing) a novel, and I certainly come up with plenty of plots and ideas... but getting around to writing them is another story.

My writing here is mostly poetry, even though I have a hard time writing it. I'm lazy and don't finish a lot of the pieces I begin, and since poems are shorter, I'm much, much more likely to finish them. The short story posted here -- "The Staircase" was the product of the most work I ever put into writing anything... it was edited about a million times. And then when I submitted it to my school's literary magazine, they made a BUNCH of suggestions as to how to fix it. So any criticism at all on that would be insanely helpful.

Any criticism on anything at all would be great, actually! I love constructive criticism... I only want to make my writing better and any sort of feedback is amazing.

And now that I've rambled a bunch, please read and enjoy! :)

Currently reading: The Crucible, Stupid White Men, Dandelion Wine
Currently listening to: Clay Aiken, Fefe Dobson, Something Corporate and Dido (I adore the song "See the Sun")
Currently writing: My Harry Potter fanfic (Echoing Black) and any other random thing I come up with an idea for...
Currently fangirling: Clay Aiken, the play The Producers, Johnny Depp and Mr. Darcy

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