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It has been quite a while since I've used this account. I was terribly busy finishing up college, plus damaged by lack of inspiration. Well, that was at least involving the genre people on here like to see from me. I have still written my fantasy stories but am too shy to share them. I know they are badly written, but I've just recently started to turn myself around to focus on the exact problems I feel I have with my writing instead of my usual, "I'll get to it eventually."

Sorry. You have no idea what I'm talking about. So, let's get to something you might be interested in.

As for my stories, for those curious, I write prodominately two types of genres. First, the more popular genre is my teen romance stories that usually take place in high school or something. You know the regular story line -average girl gets popular boy. Some people, like me, just never get tired of it. ^_^

My other genre is the fantasy/alternate universe story line that is much much much more complicated and difficult. People don't seem to like them very much (Soren and JOSHUA!). I suppose it is a failure on my part of writing them well enough because I seem to never get over my obsession of these characters and places. I just don't get why people don't find them as interesting as I do. Oh well. I'm still working on that.

"Zoe" -High school romance. A bit twisted and neat. My longest complete story I have ever written. ("Complete" is the key word in that last sentence.) A lot of people have enjoyed that one, as have I (despite my whining), so I recommend checking it out.

"Room 501" -is left incomplete and barely begun. I don't know if or when my temptation to continue it will hit.

"BB Mabayu" -Another *complete* high school romance story. It's not very organized, but I don't care. I love it the way it is. Other people do to, and I also recommend reading this. It's a *special good mood* type of story.

"BB Mabayu Revised" -Self explanatory, right? It is my first story to have made it into the second draft stage. Here, you can find more complete characters, story, plot, and such, but it seems to loose a bit of that *special good mood* feel in it. Still, I am quite happy with it.

"Soren" -This is an alternate reality of mine that is not at all organized and figured out. *Please* disregard the horrible and embarassing gramatical errors and all that. I had written what is there in 3 days, and didn't bother to check it or correct it. It is left unfinished. Probably never to be looked at again, though I still strangely enjoy what is there.

"JOSHUA!" -ummm... another alternate reality story. This universe is *extremely* figured out, and Joshua was a random character (among many) I made up one day. This story is also incomplete, though could potentially be finished at any time because there *is* an ending. I just have to write it. (Don't get your hopes up for it to happen any time soon.) ^_~

Well, enjoy!

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