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hi. i am jame snowdenim, and i like to write. and people generally say that i write good. i live in hillsborro, oregon. i have three cats, and two moms; my mom is a lesbian. if you don't like that, all well. get over it. i like reveiws!! UPDATE!!! i will finish my x-men fic, what with school and all. I promise! also, i hav two pretender fics to put up here. enjoy! UPDATE!!! OCTOBER 6, 2002
I AM GOING ON A ONE WEEK TRIP TO AZ, so i will get some writing done there, i promise!
UPDATE!!!! ok, so i am getting a lot of reviews on History. SO, to please you all, i am going to rewrite my chapters. make them a little different. in the mean time, read my other pretender fic, next generation. BTW, thanks for all the great reviews!UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!! I have revised History enogh to suit you all, i hope. Now it uses some princables from my fav. books and fantasy land, Valdarmar, but it is not quite a crossover. Anyway, please tell me how you think of this new version! Also, I changed my pen name!
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