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As you can see, on the night that I changed this bio, I have been in the FF.N community for two years. ^_^ The ritual, after all, is that I change this every time a year goes by. Anyways, not a lot has changed, though I highly suspect that my readers are, by now, wondering if I'm dead. *Grins* Fortunately (or unfortunately) for them I'm not, though I'd like to send out an apology to them since I've taken more than half a year to bring up something new. Sorry...

Anyways, about the two new pieces of information I just added to this bio: the AOL IM Screen Name and the Homepage. Now, my Messenger was deleted when my laptop got re-imaged and I've yet to download it again. As well, I use it about only twice every year, so I don't really recommend contacting me through it unless I've told you something else.

And the webpage. DON'T GO THERE! *Takes breath* Well, not yet, anyways. I've created the account and URL for it, but I haven't had the time to put something up. You'll get a non-existent message or something of the sort if you click on the link. So please be patient; I'll notify everyone when it's actually functioning and viewable.

I have no idea why anyone would read this, but meh... Tradition... So, until next time...

~silver sea star~

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