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I am an aspiring fantasy author/actor. I love writing fantasy poems and such. I enjoy constructive criticism and/or other nice remarks =). I lived in the Philippines until I was 16 then moved to Canada. Umm, dark brown curly hair, deep brown eyes, Caucasian heritage. If you'd really like to get to know me, feel free to send me an email! If you'd like to see some of my poems go to my "Homepage" then go to "Arts&Literature" (on the right-hand side). Once you're in there, on the left hand column you'll see "Banto's Island journey" There you'll find my poems. (Sorry about this) -- (legal note: this page was not created or owned by Banto Jonen however, Banto Jonen’s poems are not the property of the webmaster. Contact me [] to get my permission before ANY reprinting and/or ANY other form of publishing is done). :P! Enjoy!

"I am not a drawer! a drawer is where you keep your underwear in! I am an artist!"

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