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Kazuko Itoe
Joined Aug '02
Name: Krissy Hearn (Kazuko Itoe or Kazu) That last name (Kazu) is pronounced KayZoo...

Birthday: November 4th

Hair Color: Dark Brown and REALLY straight

Eye Color: Sometimes Blue and sometimes Grey

Sign: Scorpio ^_^

Likes: Wind (I am the Sira of wind), Anime, Drawing, Writing, Having fun, being immature CANDY,Resident Evil, orchestra, getting people together, and NEON GENESIS EVANGELION! GO ASUKA!!

Dislikes:Preps, Mean people, mature people, boredom, concieded people, rude people, homework, math, and snobby people!

Favorite Color(s): RED!!, black, Purple and Silver!

Favorite Animal: Birds of prey!

Likes (music): Rock, Punk rock, japanese, techno, orchestral, and some pop. SevenDust, Linkin Park, Jimmy Eat World..and so on ^_^

Dislikes (music): R & B, Rap (hip hop)

Hobbies: Writng (duh) Drawing, and playing the Cello...a musical instrument...lol

Favorite Phrase: WEEEE!!!

Favorite Authors: AnimeGuy, Marshmallow, Painless Sore, Martyred Goddess, Artemis 13, Kumiko Eharu, Kobaki Enoku... and many more!

SHOUT OUTS!! Hey to Kumi,Koba,Artemis13, Flamester MatyredGoddess, and John !!! Thanx you guys!

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