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Hia! I'm 13 years old and live in California. My brithday is June 21 and I love to write. I'm a tomboy girl who loves to play sports and I kinda have alot of popular friends but I'm not popular, everyone just knows me. I have a thing for arts like writing, painting, poetry, Drawing,music, ect... I'm not saying that I'm a good at these or anything but I just love to do them. I write almost anything but if I had to choose my favorite subject it would be animie, poetry, and plain normal writing storys. I love to read storys and I'm a big Sora and Matt . TK and Kari. Ken and Yolie. Joe and Mimie. (thats from digimon.) Eriol and Madison. And of chourse Sakura and Li.(Cardcaptors) I can't name anymore. It's sad how not many poeple write about it favorite animie poeple are Sakura and Li from Card captors. Sora, Matt, Kari and TK from Digimon. Van and Hitomi from Escaflowne. Misty from pokemon. Heero, Relena, and Trowa from Gumdam Wing.Raye (Sailor Mars, Hotaru (Sailor Saturn) and Mina Sailor Venus) from sailor moon. Trunks, Gohan, And Videl from D.B.Z. Any way I'm just a 13 year old kid who goes to middle school and loves to write. I don't really care if anyone flames my stories because it their fault they read it^_^
I'm weird arn't I? Well I'm proud of it! HaHaHaHaHa! okey I got alittle hyper. Well if you have free time, try reading my storys. see ya!
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