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Well, to my surprise my poem "Møkobi's Pride" was quite popular (atleast to me 2 reviews = popular) so I've decided that I'm going to upload the whole story behind the tragic life of Møkobi. And of course to acsentuate my geekdom it will include many examples of the language Møkobi (plus the explanation of why so many things are called Møkobi) however, at the rate I churn these things out it may be a while, so bear with me please.
Example of Møkobi: edhorn coni kovør sisethe kûnyn= welcome to my city! (lit. 'is good to be free in city mine' [it's an idiom]) and with my not-so-understandable-but-more-pleaseing-to-me-and-still-pronounced-the-same-way english orthography: eðón coni kovør siseþe kûnyn.
Also, legal opinion on Quenya Fanfiction/fictionpress go to http:///Athens/Parthenon/9902/legalop.html, which in summary says that by US copywrite laws say systems are not copywrite-able and that by copywrite laws a language is defined as a system therefore as long as I write from the US, which I am, I have a perfect write to claim any Quenya, Sindarin, or anthing else poetry, prose ect. as my own because I am protected by US copywrite laws scine a language is a system. But ofcourse that also means you can steel my language, Møkobi, but please, since I'm still living, just ask, I doubt I'll refuse, and ofcourse I'd like you to give me credit, since I'm still alive. But you don't have to, by law, and I can't sue you for it either.
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