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Oh, fine, I'll write a bio. You see, this bio is one of a few things I've been dreading writing. I guess I don't have much of a reason for WHY I don't want to write it...just that I'd rather be writing stories and I'd rather you spend your time reading them.

Well, I suppose you don't care to much about me as a person and I don't feel like writing about me, so I'll just talk about my writing.

For FictionPress, I prefer to write short stories. It's not that I don't write long stories...it's just that I can never commit myself to a long story. I have never in my life written a complete story, if it's more than one chapter.

So, why even bother putting up a story if I know I won't finish it? It will just be taunting you, the reader, if you happen to like it, because it will most likely never be completed.

That's why I stick to short stories. One chapter, and they're done.

Now, I'm not much of a poet, but I have to admit that every girl will try her hand at poetry at least once in their lifetime (yes, I'm a girl, if you hadn't figured that out yet). I'm not above that. Most of my poems suck, but if I run across a decent one I'll put it up.

Currently, I have 7 works posted!

1) A Burning Card's Defence

A twenty-six sentence story that I had to write for English class. The first sentence had to start with the letter A, the second had to start with the letter B, and so on. This was also supposed to be a Hallowed/horror story.

At my school (Midpark), we are forced to wear I.D.'s. If we don't have our I.D.'s, we are sent to SMR, the student management room. Of course, nobody's going to go there willingly, so teachers and administrators have to check for I.D.'s and remind us. But there is nobody in the whole school who hounds us like the administrator, Mr. Ruggerio.

2) An Occurance at the School Auditorium.

In English, we had to write a short story using the same format as another short story that we had read in class. This is formatically based on "An Occurance at Owl Creek Bridge" and the name of the author escapes right now. The format that I had to follow was reality, followed by a flashback, then a dream scene, and then reality again.

When I write, I tend to write about what I know. It's what most people do. Well, pretty much every single little detail that appears in that story is a reflection of my life. Okay, not the whole mysterious-stranger-asks-a-girl-out-and-then-drops-dead thing. I mean, the things that happen to Julia in her life, not Maria in the play.

3) Damion

This is one of my brief snippet stories, which focuses on one character at one point in time of their life, and features the emotions and drama of the moment. This one is about a girl, Quaxo, and a boy, Damion, that she has met. This story actually came from an RP, and is simply my rendition of it, in story form. The girl is my character, but the boy is not. Damion belongs to Romeo (AOL SN: D KING 9X) who contributed to half of the story through dialogue and actions. This story is posted with his permission.

4) I Don't Mean To Hate You

One of my few attempts at poetry. It doesn't follow any strict format. It's a poem mostly because of cadence, although I'm not so sure it even has that. At least, not very good cadence. But, it's about being mad, even though I don't want to.

5) Loss of a Dear Friend

Another attempt of mine at poetry. This one DOES rhyme, and has much better cadence (even my English teacher thought it had good cadence). It's about loss, but it's really a short poem with a humorous twist at the end.

6) Paw Commenting...
7) Paw Refecting...

Okay, confession time. These two, due to a slight technicality, do not really belong on FictionPress. But before you report me, hear me out.

Paw is an original character of mine that was created for a role play in an AOL chat room. And I confess, it was a Harry Potter chat room. So, technically, my two works about Paw belong on FanFiction.

And I wrestled with myself (not literally!) for a very long time trying to decide where to post these two works. Finally, I decided that they were more appropriate for FictionPress.

Why? Because, when you read the works, you would have no clue at all that they were from Harry Potter. Seriously. Read them over, and you'll see that it's true. The closest you'll find is a reference to Harry and Dean (but neither are given a last name). It is important to note that along with Paw, the other two characters who drive any action at all (Volley and Fred) are also original characters (in this case, Fred is NOT Fred Weasley).

So, why in the world would I post a story on FanFiction if all of the significant stories are original? Not that you'd really know, but even the setting is original (The RP did not take place at Hogwarts).

I hope you understand my logic and see that my works involving Paw really DO belong here. And please, if you absolutely have a complaint about it (which, after reading what I've just written, I can't imagine why you would), talk to me first instead of just reporting me. If someone really, really has a problem with my works I can move them to FanFiction (although I'd rather not), and would much prefer to do so without ruining my FictionPress reputation for what I believe is an extremely minor thing.

Well, I suppose that's enough blabbing from someone who didn't want to talk in the first place. Please, direct your attention away from this bio and towards my works.

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