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Hello, and welcome to my little spot on FictonPress! Here's a little about me: For the longest time, I considered myself to be solely a fiction writer. I had wanted to become a fantasy great, perhaps one day on par with my favorite authors (Mercedes Lackey and Tamora Pierce). Oh, certainly, I wrote poetry occasionally, but it was more of a spur-of-the-moment thing than anything I really took seriously.

Somewhere in the past few months, that changed, and I am now finding myself leaning more and more toward the poetry bent. I still have a completed work of fiction posted here (Ars Arcanum), but alongside that are numerous poems I've written over the past year or so that I hope you will enjoy! As always, comments, criticism, and warm fuzzy blankets are welcome, since it gets quite cold up here in Michigan.

I've been working hard at getting the spark back after my muse and I decided to call it quits... These things happen, though. Poetry is my out. And at least I can still see him every day. You will never know how much you inspire me.

My latest big project is "Endless Dream," a save-the-world story a la the "Final Fantasy" series, but also heavily influenced by Mercedes Lackey and Garth Nix. I wasn't sure if I'd ever write a novel-length story after "Ars Arcanum," but "Endless Dream" isn't nearly as stressful as "Ars Arcanum" was.

NOTE: "Endless Dream" is currently on hiatus, until I get my act together. Don't worry, it'll get finished. I just can't promise when. :)

Come find my blog at http:///CuteTubaGirl

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My works of fanfiction can be found at the following address: http://www.fanfiction.net/~ElenaKatine

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