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I'm Hindu, I'm Canadian and very occasionally, within my imagination mostly, I'm an Absinthe Molecule. These days I'm a nurse also and spend more time examining blood and urine and stool then is healthy. I give out a lot of injections and a lot of drugs and more often then not, both at the same time. I'm a real multi-tasker like that.

See me ramble sporadically about pointless, dumb shite here: http://

Or just come see me at my Facebook account : http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=515575215&ref=profile

Also check out the wonderful banner krabbypatties made me for 'Vitch'. It's most Loverly!


October 25, 2009 - Hey Everyone! Just wanted you all to know that I haven't abandoned 'Marrying the Vitch'; it's just that I've moved up to Toronto this fall to go back to school to get my Nursing Degree and I'm bogged down with all manner of scholarly horseshit. I'm still working on MtV in between assignments and tests so hopefully I'll be able to post new chapters soon. Thanks for all the support and love...you guys are the best readers ever!

August 26, 2009 - A HUGE thanks to everyone who decided to vote for 'Marrying the Vitch' in the SKOW Awards...'MTV' won the Best Chemistry Award...how utterly fabulous!

Mucho love to all my glamorous readers!

June 5, 2009 - As I'm sure many of you know, some of our very best authors have been forced to remove their works due to plagiaziring lazy-arse dipshites. This is unacceptable! So if you agree that plagiarism is WRONG and NOT a form of flattery, please sign the Petition Against Plagiarisim here: http:///stopfp/petition.html

April 22, 2009- Hey guys, be sure to check out the Tough and Dirty FictionPress newsletter. The next issue will be out April 25th and they've decided to interview me, which is just marvy! There's lots of great advice for writers and interesting articles and the layout is just fabulous. Swing by if you've got the time!


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