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Kris 56
Joined Sep '02

I am a starting writer, unsure of what lies ahead. It seems my only
original ideas resound in poetry at the moment, and the novel I have
needs serious revising. Please enjoy my poems, don't think to harshly
of them, and please enjoy any stories I do decide to post. If you like
it here, check my stuff out at Fanfiction.net, where my pen name is
Crystal56 and I have a wide varitey of stories, all of which, the
plotline is all I pretty much have... well, some of it.

I'm a Freak- reviews- 55!! (I'm so proud)

My main story: Paranormal Investigations (Which is being turned into a manga, coolness!)

My main poem: I'm a Freak

My funnest poem: Flames

My most powerful poem: Silenced Voice

My favorite type of poems: Nature

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