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I’m bored out of my mind so I have decided to remake my bio so here we go into the fire’s of hell. Hide the kiddies, seriously.

What I am is a basic moron, I’m 14 just entered high school and extremely immature and DAMN PROUD OF IT!. I have run into things on countless occasions and have been called and I quote “The most clumsiest person on earth”. Just some advice for you guys never go to your best friends house high on sugar and start jumping on their bed for no apparent reason, some people, like her, have ceiling fans that hurt when your head hits them when you are stupid enough to jump underneath them.

I got 2 brothers that practically raised me on their own, that’s why I’m such a big tomboy. Love sports, video games, TV shows and food especially. Obviously I enjoy writing and one day hope that I could go professional, my writings that I have updated right now are my early works, lord knows no one will see my really early writings they have been printed off, burned and then deleted from my computer’s hard drive. I have much better stories then the one’s that are there for your reading, much better and much more personal.

Ne ways my taste in music is heavy metal, rock, and punk. But I’m very versatile in what I like to listen to, rock is just my fave. Korn, Disturbed, Linkin Park, Mudvayne, AFI, Evanescence, Nickelback, and Kittie these are just some of the bands I like.

My favorite movies would be Resident Evil (I can’t wait for the 2nd one and I love the girl’s outfit tough and sexy at the same time), A Walk To Remember (Yes even I will sometimes get suckered into a good romance movie) and Gladiator (Love the gore baby).

Now about my past, I once was a figure skater and would love to get back into it but I can’t because my family is too poor and my dad’s a huge jackass. Right now all the sports I play are volleyball, badminton, swimming, tennis, I play basketball once and awhile because I hate team basketball, memorizing all those plays and having to trust that the other people will do everything right is annoying. I prefer one on one.

I have absolutely no love life, and am not the most sociable person you’ll meet. People I believe are afraid of me, well that’s what I’ve heard and observed so that kinda sucks when I can’t be any way else.

Forget: Short Story

Obession: Short Story

Stories to look forward too: I don't have a title for it yet but it centers around a band of 4 members and Eminem. Rated R for lemon and language.

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