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I figured I should update this, and maybe give some personal information this time. Here it goes:

Name: Anika
Age: 16
Sex: Female
Fave Color: Do you really care?
I write: Romance, romance, romance!! :D It's just too much fun. Actually, I do have a fantasy-ish story planned out, although I haven't started it yet--I'm sort of nervous to attempt more of a plot then boy meets girl, girl meets boy . . . But that's for later. Actually, before I started writing original stuff, I wrote Buffy fanfiction--so if you are or ever have been into Buffy, you should go check me out on fanfiction.net. :D (I am a shameless self-promoter. Shameles.)
Place of Residence: California!!
Sports: Track
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Social Security Number: haha just kidding. :D
Favorite thing in the world: Reviews! Do it!

Well, that all for now . . . I hope you like my stories!

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