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Shari Potter
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hmmm... what DO i have to say about myself? errmmm... let's see... arrrghh... forgive the braindead-ness.

i got it! i'll just tell you what my friends say about me! (For a totally unbiased opinion of myself)

one said that i have a totally twisted way of thinking (yeah right!)

another said that i make bizarre connections between things (they all blame me for having a conversation that started with hunger and ended with harry potter. frankly, i do not remember such an event happening)

and another one said that i have this uncanny ability of managing to blame someone other than myself for my misfortunes (as if! they're the only ones who say that!)

hmm... another one said i'm an immature freak of a cousin. (i am? whoa. i never knew that before she enlightened me)

but we all agree on one thing: we don't agree on how to describe me.

newayz, enough of this useless blabbing. although, in doing so, i fulfilled my primary mission in life: annoy the heck out of everyone. everyone says that i don't shut up unless i'm sick or dying. ha!

okay. i'll shut up now. i'm in another one of my "moods"

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