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Enough with my silly biography, it needs to be a little more organized. Not that someone cares, it will be just because of my personal staisfaction.

I'm 18 years old girl (yeah, finally part of the sect of adults!) from Bulgaria who completely adores writing. For now I have mostly written in my native language and I'm working hard on improving my style in English. I'm addicted to writing but I often have got writing blocks and feel lack of satisfaction because of some failures. It's damned depressing. In moments when my mind knows what it wants to say, the idea is clear in my head, but I just can't write it down.
I also love reading stories in fictionpress.com and fanfiction.net.
Ok, some things about my stories.

Difficult Love - A story that I'm currently working on. There is lots of love but I'm trying to make it not so fluffy or full of cliches. I think it's worth reading. Chapter 6 is updated.

Burning Flames and Ice shinings - my debut in the femmeslash genre. I just got the idea one night and then gradually I started developping the characters, the plotlines, etc. I have written the plan of the story and I know what will happen. I just need time to update. Chapter 9 is coming soon.

Sinners - In a process of re-writing. A lot of characters and ideas from the previous version remained undevelopped. I just want it to be perfect and that's why I'm adding some new ideas. Incest, sex, violence, suicide and so on...

The Beauty of The Grave - Mystery love story. It's rather complicated story and it needs time because even one little flow could spoil the good story. I'm currently dedicated to the uppper stories.

Cursed Angels - it started well but right now I'm stuck on 4th chapter and I lack of inspiration about it.

Triangle - MR fic. It's completed but I'll change the end because it ended too sappy and mushy.

Now, something else about me.

Favorite writers - Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Ann Rice, Patricia Highsmith, Patricia Cornwell, Janet Fich, Carol O'Connel, Phillip Shelby, Roger Zelaznie, Catherine Kerr.

Favorite books - Interview with the vampire, The Firestarter, False Memory, White Oleander, Talented Mr. Ripley, Carol, The dark half, Cruel and Unusual, Damnation Alley, Lord of the Rings.

So, that's all for now. Bye!

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