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Hey y'all, I'm a 16 (finally) year old Girl Hailing from the most Ghetto school in the world... Amity... Anyone who goes there or knows of amity knows that amity and ghetto in the same sentece is totally rediculious.
I'm a tenniebopper, and my drug of choice is Nsync. yes i know it's terrible. but hey it's me. It seems that i've lmost grown out of nsync, but hey i'm getting older.
lately I've been writing a lot of poetry, most of it about one guy lol. ( you´d think after 7 months i´d be over him, but there´s just something about ims. ahhh such is the life lol) so read it and review it. I'd love to get some constructive critisizem (sp) but if you're gonna knock my work, atleast leave an e-mail address so that i can ask you more questions.

"After seven shots, he was still dancing about a thousand times better than Mike, who, offstage, had like two moves - The Dork and The Doofus." - Kaneko (slightly altered hehe)

"A true friend will bail you out of jail, but your best friends will be sitting in the cell next to you saying that was fucking awesome

CD of the Moment... I'm kinda stuck on Christina at the moment and it seems that this chick had my life summed up...

Stripped - Christina Agulera

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