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Lina Shankar PM
Joined Nov '00
i am a Wiccan pessimist with a major attitude problem when it comes to people in general. i don't tend to get along with people because they hurt each other out of sheer spite and that's just stupid. i refuse to believe that anyone gets anything out of hurting someone else, whether it's to prove a point or otherwise. i don't think that it's right for anyone to control where you are going in life except you. i believe that it's your life and if you make mistakes you learn from them, you don't need to be punished along with it, and you can learn to make better choices from what you have done before. i take flames lightly, if someone doesn't like my work that's their problem and they shouldn't expect me to "do something about it". if you don't like it, great. if you do, even better. it's that simple. but anywayz, read my poems if you want. if you like them, tell a friend. if not, tell an enemy. if you want to use one on a webpage, please ask me first. of course, you'll get permission, because i don't mind the use of my work for non-commercial purposes. if you don't feel like wasting five minutes of energy to do so, then at least give me some credit. thanks alot for your time.
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