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broken wings241
Joined Oct '02
Hey all,

Well I guess its sought of my centenary... I've now got 100 poems/songs on this account. I always promised myself that once I got to 100 I'd move on. So now it's time to shed this skin and fulfil a stage in my evolution as a writer. Today I am no longer broken wings, today I become wordpainter. That's my new pen name for all of you who still want to read my stuff. (And if it's taken, it'll wordpainter241)
Love ya'all,
Thanks so much for all the reviews etc etc
Write on!

Old bio was too long: I'm going for the short n sweet approach.

I'm a 13 year old, Aussie, female. If you have a problem with that, I don't care.

Good Charlotte kick ass!

Linkin Park rock! (literally and otherwise)

Green Day, Queen, Meatloaf and Guns n Roses are the best!

PUNK ROCK RULZ!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahem, as you an see: I like music. A lot. I play piano and flute. I sing. I listen, I write.

Music may as well be air.

Writing is putting emotions on paper.

Monty Python is damn funny.

Life sux.

School sux.

The world is a depressing place.


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