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I'm a hopless romantic who even worse stumbled (Quite accidentally) onto the final fantasy series.
That's all I ever think about and after seeing it god knows how many times I still cry at 10's ending. Unfortunately for everyone else I have a really critical mind and thats augmented by an evil, but brilliant english teacher who's left his mark on me so now my reviews are always almost longer than my story(s)!!! I live in Ireland and therefore I have a very subjective view of the US. If some of the language I use sounds wierd just ignore it, it comes with the house.
I'm really nervous around anyone of the female persuausion and the whole "Sexuality" thing creeps me right out.
Anything else...oh yeah I put lots of work into my image, buts thats only to make sure it's not like anyone elses.
My great passions are computers, wargames and final fantasy's (especially 10)
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